Save Time with Client Form Letters

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This month, we welcome The Family Law Paralegal’s founder, Deborah Long, Pa.C.P., as a guest blogger. No matter the practice area, paralegals undoubtedly have a database of forms that allows us to forgo recreating the wheel each and every time we file a pleading or motion. However, family law has the potential for a proliferation […]

Some Attorneys Cannot Be Trusted . . .

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Every good paralegal knows that most attorneys cannot be trusted with an original document. In our office, we have an “originals” box for safely storing original documents, such as verifications and agreements, whether signed or to be signed. Having one central place for originals is especially helpful if someone is coming in to sign, co-sign […]


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I thought about titling today’s posting with the idiom “the devil is in the details,” but definitely don’t want to encourage any religious commentary. I added the phonetic version of “attention” as used in the military to, hopefully, grab your, um, attention. Paralegal job descriptions often list “detail oriented” as a requirement since paralegals routinely […]

Law & Order

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Every Wednesday, a reminder sits on my calendar prompting me to call Detective Briscoe to find out if he needs my help with whatever case he’s working on that day. Fine, that’s only half true. I do have an ongoing Wednesday reminder I call “Law & Order,” but it doesn’t have anything to do with […]