Eyes on the Road: Driver Distractions

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While driving, have you ever asked yourself “How did I get here?” and realize the last minute or more was a complete blur? If so, you are guilty of distracted driving. The Philadelphia Bar Association partnered with The Philadelphia Association of Paralegals to present a highly informative CLE, “Driver Distractions, Cell Phones and In-Car Devices,” […]

Rolling with the Punches

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“Before we can recover, we must survive.” That’s what Governor Tom Wolf said recently during a virtual press conference regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). That’s pretty intense, right?! I repeated those words a couple of times in my head, struck by the solemnity of what they suggested. It’s 2020! Global pandemics and threats to humanity […]

Recognizing and Celebrating the Work of Paralegals

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Pennsylvania’s governors have issued proclamations for Paralegal Week – and Paralegal Day – continuously since this article was written (07-18-2013). Everyone’s got a “Hallmark holiday,” right? Even paralegals? I’ll never forget The Philadelphia Association of Paralegals’ 2010 postcard for Paralegal Week. Picture the bomb technician from The Hurt Locker with the caption, “Me, afraid?” and […]

When Your Process Server Goes Above and Beyond . . . and Backward, Forward and Upside Down

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We had a client whom I’ll call Emily Jameson (obviously, a fictitious name).  After suffering in a physically abusive relationship with her husband Tim, Emily fled from their home in Florida to Pennsylvania.  She retained our firm to help her obtain a simple no-fault divorce . . . she just wanted to be divorced and […]

Redaction Requirements under the January 6, 2018 Public Access Rules

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The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania’s website puts all requirements for each county in Pennsylvania (as well as the appellate courts) at your fingertips.  This page on the site shows whether a county requires redacted and unredacted filings or the use of a Confidential Information Form.  The page contains links to most counties’ local rules on […]

Cover Letters Are Dead

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Writing even the simplest letter can take valuable time away from the workday. Since writing letters to convey detailed information is essential in the practice of law, I hope it never gets replaced entirely by e-mail because there are times when a letter is really unnecessary. Here’s an example:  when doing something as habitual as […]