Say Hello to Judy Stouffer, RP!

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Hello everyone! It has been some time since you heard from me – and there actually is a very good reason for that. The Family Law Paralegal was a concept I had in mind for several years before I finally made the move. And then, of course, Murphy’s Law kicked in.

Just one month after launching the blog, I began assisting one of the partners in our law firm’s municipal department (due to a staff shortage). Although I had no prior experience with municipal matters, he was quickly impressed with my skill sets. Just a few months later, I was approached by the managing partner with an offer to move over to the municipal department and help them to become as organized and efficient as our family law department. What paralegal could pass up an opportunity like that?!

I managed to keep the blog going for a little while after the transition, but it is difficult, even after many years of experience, to continue writing about an area of law in which you no longer work. At the same time, I did not want The Family Law Paralegal – my baby – to simply fade away. The obvious alternative, then, is to have another family law paralegal step in and take on the mantle. I knew the right person for the job immediately, though it did take me some time to get comfortable with the idea of letting it go.

I think you will all like Judy Stouffer. Judy is the law firm administrator and senior paralegal at Berner Klaw & Watson LLP, a family law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she has been employed for over 18 years. Judy and I have known each other for many years, primarily through our mutual involvement with the Keystone Alliance of Paralegal Associations. Just a few years ago, my firm represented a client who lived in Philadelphia. As the majority of our cases tend to be in Montgomery County or Bucks County, I didn’t know the first thing about filing for divorce in Philadelphia (and we all know how very different each and every Pennsylvania county can be!) Naturally, I reached out to Judy. The response I got was a complete outline and step-by-step guidance on what to file and when, associated filing fees and contact information for key courthouse personnel. With the information Judy provided, I was able to sail through the process almost as easily as I would have in Montco or Bucks. With everything I know about Judy – her skill sets, her leadership qualities, her accomplishments and her willingness and ability to assist her fellow paralegals – there is no question that she is the right person to assume the role of The Family Law Paralegal.

Hopefully I will be seeing you all again before long – I am already working on a new concept for sharing ideas with my fellow professionals. So this isn’t a good-bye – more of a see-you-later. 🙂

I hope all is well with you and yours.