A Non-Hostile Takeover

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I have always loved reading and writing. As for blog writing, I have to confess that, years ago, when blogging first became popular, I used to think reading them was a waste, wondering why I’d spend any precious time reading a stranger’s opinion. Thank goodness, I came to my senses, realizing that reputable bloggers take painstaking measures to make sure their information is accurate and that reading a blog is just like reading a published article –- it’s really that author’s experience or opinion. Although Google seemingly gets more time than my husband (quantity only, not quality!), I am thankful for all the helpful information people spend their precious time posting which helps me on a daily basis. As for thought-provoking reading and great writing style, a favorite blog is Family Law Unraveled, authored by one of my firm’s partners, Margy Klaw (stated not with a gun to my head but with admitted prejudice; I’ve always claimed to be her number one fan since she took on my crazy divorce from my ex-husband eons ago).

When I was approached by one of my paralegal colleagues, Debbie Long, a past president of The Montgomery County Paralegal Association for whom I hold the highest regard, about taking over this blog — her “baby” –- I was deeply flattered, but wanted to know more. My buddy Google helped me find this terrific interview with Debbie (http://www.paralegalmentorblog.com/2010/04/paralegal-profile-deborah-long-pacp.html) and I quickly identified with stumbling into the profession, breaking things down for clients and never thinking I would serve as an association president. How could I say “no?” My real concern though was how I could possibly keep up her high standard when most of my job consists more of managing a firm and supervising paralegals. That being said, anyone who has worked in a small firm knows that everyone does a little bit of everything and filling in here and there or when one of our paralegals is out does allow me to keep current. But I was not prepared to take over without the support of the partners and our two full-time paralegals. Thankfully, they all said yes and here we are.

To Debbie, we promise to take only the best care of your baby, although we’re going to turn the tables at times with some fun stories about working in a family law firm (hello ugly sweaters) along with practical tips, such as our own version of Law & Order. We hope you stay tuned!