Paralegal Support

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I am [was] so nervous about writing my first blog post. The biggest question that popped up in my head was, “what do I write about?” The best advice I got was, “write what you know.” Hmm . . . great! Like any good paralegal, I know about a lot of things and have great resources and lifelines for when I don’t.

This is one thing I do know:  paralegals are the right hand men and women to their attorneys. We are their support staff, their rocks — the people they can count on. Well, what about the paralegals’ support staff? Who is that, you ask? They are the people who are waiting for them at home, the ones who pick up the slack when they are stuck at work late or working toward their dream of completing their college education, like me.

Although I was fortunate to be hired as a paralegal before completing my associate’s degree, it was important to me to obtain a bachelor’s, which I just finished this summer. I could not have achieved this dream without my amazing “support staff” at home, which is my life partner and two children. I always wanted to finish my college degree, but experienced some life changing events that stalled my path to achieving that dream. I’m sure many of you can relate to this. If it wasn’t for the support of my family at home, I may have never finished.

So, I dedicate this blog to my rocks, my family. Thank you to them for supporting and helping me achieve my dream! I am forever grateful.

And, my best advice to you is to be sure to thank your support staff, whoever they may be. A simple thank you may mean more than you realize.


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