Cover Letters Are Dead

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Writing even the simplest letter can take valuable time away from the workday. Since writing letters to convey detailed information is essential in the practice of law, I hope it never gets replaced entirely by e-mail because there are times when a letter is really unnecessary.

Here’s an example:  when doing something as habitual as filing a pleading, BKW paralegals rarely include a transmittal letter to the court.  Of course, we’ll attach a letter if the matter is uniquely complex and we have something of importance to convey. For the remaining 99% of the time, we send a BKW-designed cover page along with our pleading. The cover sheet is a checklist including key information for the court to know about the pleading accompanying it:  the caption, name of the pleading, whether a payment is included, etc.

BK pleading cover sheet DELCO sample

Although this may seem very basic, it’s an absolute time-saver. Rather than setting up a letter, brainstorming the content, typing it out, proofreading it, etc. – even if using a form letter – our checklist saves us valuable time and conserves client funds. I’m willing to bet that most court prothonotaries prefer an easy to read checklist versus a formal letter!


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